Expanding Knowledge Through Technology

DEPCO exists to challenge the idea of a general education model that marches students through a uniform curriculum.

Robotics Engineering

The Robotics Engineering Level I curriculum introduces students to the exciting field of robotics. Students learn the mechanical design and construction of robots through hands-on activities. Activities include the construction of a remote control robot and the use of SOLIDWORKS software.


In this curriculum, students are introduced to both the therapeutic and research and design aspects of pharmacology. Students explore proper drug administration, common adverse effects, and various types of drugs. Students also practice methods to reduce drug errors such as proper reading and writing of prescriptions and drug labels.

Industrial Motor Controls

Industrial Motor Controls teaches the basics of electricity and how energy is converted to perform work. Motor controls will be used to govern in predetermined manners the performance of electric motors.

A Day for Indulgence

July 21st is National Junk Food Day! Although overindulging on junk food all the time isn’t a healthy lifestyle, it’s perfectly normal to treat yourself every once in a while. So, what better way to celebrate than to enjoy your favorite junk food? While the term “junk food” is relatively new, people were still indulgingContinue reading “A Day for Indulgence”

Educational Vacations

There has been a lot of desire to travel, especially after such a turbulent year; however, families don’t have to sacrifice education in order to have a fun, enriching experience. There are several great places in the U.S. that will cater to a family-friendly stay and spark the imaginations within your children. It may evenContinue reading “Educational Vacations”


DEPCO’s approach to educating today’s youth stands to revolutionize the education environment by offering engaging curricula that takes the intimidation and confusion out of the learning for both students and instructors.

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