Stay involved in learning this summer!

An on-going global pandemic caused the traditional academic year to end early for most schools across the nation. In response, both parents and educators quickly began navigating the new norm, seeking alternative methods to education. For many, the quick solution was virtual learning.

The start of the academic year this fall still poses many questions, but the more pressing question involves summer camp. What will summer camp look like this year?

States and counties across the US are slowly implementing their own re-opening strategies. Face-to-face summer camps may be possible for some. For others, virtual summer camps will be a safe alternative.

Virtual summer camps offer opportunities to students who might not have been able to attend in previous summers. Virtual also means that you don’t have to stay local anymore!

From tech camps, to STEM, Robotics, or reading camps, the options are virtually limitless!

There are countless virtual summer camps available for students of all ages.

K12 Inc. Summer Camp

This virtual summer camp is geared toward high school students who are interested in careers related to Business and Marketing, Healthcare, or Information Technology. Students can earn partial high school credits through this tuition-free opportunity! Click here to learn more.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors virtual summer camp is for K-12 learners. This camp offers virtual learning opportunities in a wide variety of subjects brought to you by expert instructors. Click here to learn more.

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