Celebrate National Donald Duck Day!

Photo by Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash

June 9th is annually celebrated as National Donald Duck Day in honor of the beloved Disney character. For anyone unaware of his amusing antics, Donald Duck is a widely-known anthropomorphic duck dressed in a sailor’s shirt, a cap, and a red bow tie. He also has quite the temper. Donald’s foibles and daily struggles created a relatable character that captured the hearts of millions for decades.

Donald Duck sprang forth from Walt Disney’s imagination onto the screen in 1934 with his first appearance in a theatrical short called The Wise Little Hen.

Click here to learn more about the beloved duck!

Spread the love for Donald Duck by using the hashtag #NationalDonaldDuckDay!

From Imagination to Animation

Students get the opportunity to light up the screen with their own creations with DEPCO’s Computer Animation curriculum. Animate means to bring to life, which is exactly what students do in this project-packed curriculum. Students bring objects and characters that they create or import to life using Adobe Animate CC. Along the way, they discover important movement principles, numerous animation techniques, and the functions of animation in today’s society. 

Click here to learn more about Computer Animation.

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