Educational Vacations

There has been a lot of desire to travel, especially after such a turbulent year; however, families don’t have to sacrifice education in order to have a fun, enriching experience. There are several great places in the U.S. that will cater to a family-friendly stay and spark the imaginations within your children. It may even inspire a future career path!

The options are endless when you consider national parks, historical cities, and enlightening museums for your family vacation!

Inspiration for your destinations!

Yellowstone National Park – This natural beauty became the wonder that it is today on March 1, 1872. It offers a myriad of educational opportunities to share with your family. Families have many unique wonders to explore from the diverse wildlife to thermal basins.

Learn more about Yellowstone National Park here!

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – The largest children’s museum in the world offers several delightful experiences for families to share and learn together. The museum was founded in 1925 and has grown tremendously over the past 96 years! Seize this summer and allow your children to bask in all the activities from the historical storytelling to the International Space Station (ISS) exhibit. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).

Find more museums here!

Interested in traveling as a career path?

DEPCO’s Flight Transportation curriculum uses specifically designed yoke and computer-simulated flight instruments to give a realistic experience. By using this equipment and software, students learn primary flight controls, such as the yoke and throttle. Students also learn difficult flight tasks, including turning without changing altitude, making a successful two-minute turn, and following a flight path. In addition to reading and interpreting an altimeter, heading indicator, airspeed indicator, turn coordinator, and vertical speed indicator, students learn about radio navigational tools and global positioning system (GPS) navigation.

Click here to learn more about Flight Transportation!

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