American Education Week

American Education Week begins on November 15th!

This week honors all the amazing contributors to our education system and reminds us to keep persevering to make education even better with each passing moment. Educational growth requires contributions from an entire village of selfless individuals—including librarians, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, and everyone in-between.

American Education Week was originally celebrated December 4th-10th in 1921 after the American Legion and members of the National Education Association (NEA) discovered that the level of illiteracy in America was shocking.

This alarming revelation ignited the inspiration to create this special week-long event in order to raise awareness concerning the need for education and gather the necessary means to fund the education system.

American Education Week is the perfect time to express appreciation for education!

American Education Week has an exciting theme for each day!

Monday: It’s the official Kickoff Day for education excellence throughout our nation!

Tuesday: Family Day encourages parents to become an active participant in their children’s education.

Wednesday: Education Support Professionals Day celebrates the incredible individuals within the school support staff.

Thursday: Educator for a Day would normally mean inviting members of the community into the classroom to experience all the trials of teaching and sculpting young minds. However, this year NEA recommends participating in other ways such as having community leaders present a virtual presentation or allowing students to dress as their desired future career professional.

Friday: Substitute Educators Day advocates appreciation for substitute employees in the education community.

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