Computer Science Education Week

It’s Computer Science Education Week!

Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week) is celebrated from December 6th to December 12th this year. This celebration honors the crucial impact computer science has had on our society and education.

Computer science is a valuable subject for all students to learn; they learn first-hand experience with problem-solving tactics and analytical skills! The jobs in this particular field are only expected to grow in the next several years!

Computer Science Education Week has had exponential impact on the world of education and technology. Since its first creation by the tech giants of our society including Google, Intel, and the National Science Foundation (NSF), a core component of CSEd Week—a literal “Hour of Code”—has reached 100 million hours across 167 countries!

Learn Programming with DEPCO!

In Programming Basics, DEPCO introduces students to the Kano Computer Kit which features the Raspberry Pi 3, a lightweight, powerful brain. Students use a uniquely designed operating system, Kano OS, as well as the Linux command line to complete programming techniques using the Scratch language and textual programming techniques using the Python language.

Click here to learn more about Programming Basics!

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