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Happy Thanksgiving!

“Be present in all things and thankful for all.” -Maya Angelou

Happy Thanksgiving from DEPCO! Today is the day many of us have been looking forward to all month. While often people enjoy a “classic” Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner surrounded by family, some Americans opt for a more unique spin on the holiday.

Alternatives to Turkey

While many Americans delight in the yearly tradition of a turkey dinner, some opt for different meals to stuff themselves with. It would be easy for Turkey to be swapped with ham, chicken, roast beef, or really any seasoned meat. But there are some who completely transform the concept of Thanksgiving dinner. Mexican food for Thanksgiving is becoming more and more popular. If you find yourself eating a non-traditional meal this year, enjoy! The only thing that truly matters is the shared company.


In January 2020, the term “Friendsgiving” was formally included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Essentially, it’s Thanksgiving Day with your friends. Sometimes it happens in place of or in addition to Thanksgiving. The term “Friendsgiving” was first used in a tweet from 2007 according to Merriam-Webster, but some people attribute the idea of celebrating the holiday with friends to the popular television program Friends. According to another theory, the word was used in a 2011 Baileys Irish Cream liqueur advertising campaign, which helped the Friendsgiving movement gain more traction. Happy Friendsgiving to all enjoying their chosen loved ones this holiday!

DEPCO’s Thankful Thoughts

This year we rounded up the thankful thoughts of a few of our DEPCO employees. Check those out below!

“I’m thankful for good music, good books, and a great job. I’m most thankful for the main men in my life. The 6’3 one and the ones under 4 feet.” -Bre Baker

“I’m thankful for my family (personal & professional), my health, and the fun, exciting industry I get to work in. ” -Aaron Panek

“I’m thankful for my kids, my job, and my health!” -Aislinn Bybee

“I’m thankful for my healthy family!” -Cameron Collins

“Family, 6.5 Grandkids, a healthy sales pipeline, KC Chiefs, KU basketball, and all the wonderful people who work here at DEPCO.” -Rod Murphy

A theme of family and health seemed to be on the minds of our DEPCO people. We hope that your Thanksgiving is full of love, laughter, joy, and amazing food!

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