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100 Blogs

“Instead of hate, celebrate.” -Prince

We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate DEPCO’s 100th blog post. We began writing our blogs in February of 2020. Different DEPCO writers have used their talents since then to bring interesting information to our readers and highlight our DEPCO products. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite blog posts throughout the last few years:

Find the Library at Your Place was written back in April of 2022. This post was dedicated to helping individuals access resources found in a library when most libraries at the time were closed for the pandemic. It’s unreal to think about how many institutions were shut down at the time, forcing teachers, parents, students, and professionals to be creative when fulfilling their responsibilities and finding fun activities.

A Time to Thank Our EMS Professionals was published in May 2020. This blog post honored first responders during National EMS week, a holiday declared by President Gerald Ford. Through the pandemic, we were able to see how brave and self sacrificing the people in this industry really are.

Happy National VCR Day! celebrated the invention of the VCR back in June of 2021. While currently outdated, many of us grew up watching and using this bulky technology. Find out fun facts about the VCR in this post!

3D printing is an important aspect of products sold by our company! In August of 2021, we published Innovations in 3D Printing to discuss the history of 3D printing and to highlight the cool ways in which 3D printing aids education. Recently, we provided a large Stratasys 3D printer to A.T. Still University! Medical students and faculty there have benefited greatly from their 3D printing program.

In February of 2021, DEPCO published International Day of Women and Girls in Science! This was an opportunity to celebrate the strides made by women in the world of science. While women have been underestimated in the field for centuries, that hasn’t stopped them from making their mark. Take a look at this cool post to discover some of the most celebrated scientific women!

Global Recycling Day was an opportunity for our company to encourage green habits and to arm recycling individuals and companies with knowledge! This blog takes the reader through the history of recycling and supplies important information to the recycling process. For example, never recycle anything with food on it! It could contaminate an entire truckload of recyclables.

In one of our early blog interviews, we explored the dichotomy of business and motherhood in A Business Owner and Mother. Charity Smith discussed with us her joy in having her own massage therapy business and balancing it with her love of motherhood. Published to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, it was inspiring to us all!

We learned more about floral design freelancing in Floral Design with Faith Arendt. Faith took us through her artistic background and showed us how it translated into her eventual career with florals! Her transition from paralegal to floral design showed the importance of nurturing all your talents. You never know if they can help you with your next job!

DEPCO writer Bre Baker had a fascinating conversation with her Grandfather in Rockets, Space Shuttles, and Area 51. As a man who worked in many government positions, even working on the space shuttle Challenger at one point, Larry Allison’s stories were wondrous.

For our 100th blog post, we wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU! Thank you to our writers, readers, interviewees, and everyone who contributes to our blog. We are thankful for your effort and hope to continue bringing entertaining reading!


The DEPCO team


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