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Football Fandom

“Every experience, good or bad, you have to learn from.” – Patrick Mahomes

Whether you are a Kansas City fan, a Philadelphia fan, or just a fan of football and sports in general, you are probably aware of the American competition coming to our screens this weekend. The ultimate showdown between the NFC and AFC Champions of 2023 is coming up this Sunday. This week, we are taking a closer look into the dedication that comes with football fandom. Long-time Kansas City Chiefs fan Ali Hurt sat down with DEPCO to paint a picture of what experiences like this weekend mean to her. Check out Ali’s interview below!

-When did you first become a fan of football?

That happened when I was in 3rd grade. We had just moved to my hometown, Platte City, Missouri and they were crazy about football. We were at a football game every Friday night!

-What excites you the most about football?

Everything, honestly! I know that sounds really generic but there’s just so much that’s going on. I truly love it all. Between watching it, and what happens to the community throughout the season, it’s all very exciting. Of course a big win excites me the most!

-How did your hometown celebrate a big win?

When there was a big win in Platte City, you could just feel the buzz everywhere you went. It was electric, just as it is when the Chiefs win in Kansas City. With winning conferences and divisional rounds and the Super Bowl, I love to go into the city afterwards. When we win a huge game like that, people go crazy, and in my experience it’s always been in a fun and good way. I love to people watch!

-Why are you a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs?

That is something that I inherited. My dad has always been a Chiefs fan, so I was born into it! There’s obviously not a better team to pick over the Chiefs, so I’ve stuck with them.

-Who is your favorite Kansas City Chiefs player?

I love them all! Offense, defense; I love everybody. I have gotten really excited for the rookies this year. I also love saying the name “Pacheco”. Isiah Pacheco has been a big favorite for me this year. I’ve loved watching him play.

-How many Chiefs games have you attended?

I’m probably at 20+ games.

-Can you describe a favorite or particularly exciting moment you have experienced at a Kansas City Chiefs game?

The 13 second miracle. Last year Kansas City made it to the divisional round and played the Buffalo Bills. It was a tight game pretty much straight out the gates. The Bills ended up taking the lead in the final 2 minutes of regulation; Chiefs were down by 3 points. Mahomes launched the ball 64 yards down the field to Tyreek Hill for a touchdown. Then, with 1 minute left in the game, Allen led the Bills down the field for another touchdown putting the Bills up 36-33 and only 13 seconds left on the game clock. 

Some Chiefs fans started making their way to the exits as if the game was already over. And I couldn’t help but feel bad for them! To have such little faith in a team that was still willing to give their all down to the final whistle. As for the rest of us, we were all holding our breath, saying our prayers, and waiting for a miracle.

Mahomes made another connection with Tyreek followed by a pass to Kelce. “Time out! Time out!” Allowed time for trusty Butker to take the field for a 49yard field goal attempt now with only 3 seconds on the clock. He absolutely nailed it through the uprights! End of regulation, going into overtime. Chiefs with the first possession and within a few minutes, “TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY! The Chiefs are advancing to the AFC Championship!” The team pulled it off and I just cried. It was so awesome. The stadium absolutely erupted.

-The Chiefs haven’t always been on top; how does your fandom look when they aren’t doing as well as they have this year?

I have enough red in my closet to still be a full-time Chiefs fan even when their season isn’t looking so hot. The seasons look exactly the same when it comes to what I wear and how I love my Chiefs.

-What is your favorite thing about the Chiefs fan community?

I love how they band together. When you go to a game you will often see opposing team fans walking through the parking lots. Chiefs fans will harass them for half a second and then in the same breath they invite them to tailgate. I love being a part of the kingdom for that.

-Is there something specific that you are looking forward to on Super Bowl Sunday?

I don’t want to jinx it, I just want to see a big win! The rookies have had such a good year and they’ve put in a lot of work and I’d love to see big things happen for them. Of course I want to see Travis Kelce go out and… maybe not dominate over Jason Kelce, but definitely win.

When Ali isn’t cheering on the Chiefs, she works as a Benefits Communication Administrator while living in Northwest Arkansas. Spending time with her husband Tyler and her two dogs is her true happy place. She also loves to cook, bake, and find delicious restaurants wherever she goes!

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