National Self-Improvement Month

September is Self-Improvement Month—a great reminder that we could all use some level of improvement in our lives. These changes can range from dietary changes to a self-care day to an entire career change. Self-improvement pertains to so many aspects of our lives and has a great impact on our overall happiness. The self-improvement industryContinue reading “National Self-Improvement Month”

National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day is celebrated annually on September 15th! Accessibility couldn’t be more beneficial or useful right now in today’s chaotic world. In the midst of the squall, it’s reassuring to have the internet to act as a beacon of hope with all the available resources it provides to students and educators. The internetContinue reading “National Online Learning Day”

DEPCO and Epilog Inspire the Muses!

Epilog Laser Since 1988, Epilog Laser has worked hard to become the leader in the laser engraving, cutting, and marking industry. They are innovators. They are problem solvers. They are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems.  Epilog’s dedication to building strong relationships with customers, distributors, vendors, and employees has been paramount inContinue reading “DEPCO and Epilog Inspire the Muses!”

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day falls annually on September 8th! This holiday celebrates literacy across the globe and strives to raise awareness of the world’s literacy issues that millions of people face daily. The holiday was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1965 to combat the struggle of illiteracy. Although literacyContinue reading “International Literacy Day”

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on September 1st! It’s a day to celebrate hard working individuals that are often overlooked because of their job titles. While many would believe that these people are unworthy of praise, they do the tough job that not many would be willing to do. Building andContinue reading “Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day”

Frankenstein Day

August 30th is the unofficial holiday celebrating Mary Shelley’s wonderful work of literature, Frankenstein. The novel is highly regarded as a masterpiece and has truly captivated its audience since conception. Mary Shelley was an English author, and her birthday falls on August 30, 1797, which is why today is a momentous occasion for many fansContinue reading “Frankenstein Day”

National Kiss and Make Up Day

August 25th is National Kiss and Make Up Day! National Kiss and Make Up Day is the perfect day to mend those bridges and end any quarrels whether it’s between loved ones or work associates. The preservation of relationships is ideal compared to a more turbulent outcome, especially if the relationship is in a workContinue reading “National Kiss and Make Up Day”

Ride the Wind with DEPCO!

National Ride The Wind Day honors the first human-powered flight that was awarded the Kremer prize on August 23, 1977. The MacCready Gossamer Condor was the first aircraft powered by humans that was able to be controlled and sustained during flight time. Today, let’s get inspired by the pure resourcefulness of humankind and commemorate thisContinue reading “Ride the Wind with DEPCO!”

It’s National Fajita Day!

National Fajita Day is August 18th! Fajitas are one of the most iconic Tex-Mex creations and August 18th is the day to celebrate this inspired collision of flavors. What exactly are fajitas? Fajitas are strips of grilled meat and chopped vegetables usually consisting of bell peppers and onions that are served with corn or flourContinue reading “It’s National Fajita Day!”

Welcome Back Students and Teachers!

Schools are starting back up and now is the perfect time to celebrate the resilience of both students and teachers all over the world. There’s no question that these last few school semesters have been daunting and taxing on everyone. Safety is our number one priority in the midst of all this chaos; however, theContinue reading “Welcome Back Students and Teachers!”

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