Computer Science Education Week

It’s Computer Science Education Week! Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week) is celebrated from December 6th to December 12th this year. This celebration honors the crucial impact computer science has had on our society and education. Computer science is a valuable subject for all students to learn; they learn first-hand experience with problem-solving tactics andContinue reading “Computer Science Education Week”

National Educational Support Professionals Day

American Education Week! National Educational Support Professionals Day occurs annually on the Wednesday during American Education Week! This year, it falls on November 17th.  This day was established to honor the education support professionals that tend to fall between the cracks when it comes to recognition and appreciation. The support professionals contribute a tremendous dealContinue reading “National Educational Support Professionals Day”

American Education Week

American Education Week begins on November 15th! This week honors all the amazing contributors to our education system and reminds us to keep persevering to make education even better with each passing moment. Educational growth requires contributions from an entire village of selfless individuals—including librarians, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, and everyone in-between. American Education WeekContinue reading “American Education Week”

DEPCO & Metropolitan Community College

Stratasys 3D Printers Stratasys is one of the most prominent leaders in 3D printing that strives for constant innovation within their technology. Stratasys FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printers offer unmatched versatility and proven performance with flexibility, repeatability, and efficiency in every fiber of design. FDM 3D printers offer their users unparalleled versatility to turnContinue reading “DEPCO & Metropolitan Community College”

National STEM/STEAM Day!

November 8th is National STEM/STEAM Day! STEM/STEAM programs consist of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills. It encompasses a whole spectrum of knowledge to benefit students in their future careers. These programs and classes are especially interactive and engaging in order to teach students in the most effective manner! A Brief Historical Glance atContinue reading “National STEM/STEAM Day!”

National Brush Day

National Brush Day is celebrated right after Halloween! Sugary treats are the number one leading cause of tooth decay! We want students to enjoy the blissful sweets of life; however, oral health is extremely vital to a healthy lifestyle and a happy childhood. There are several fun and engaging ways to show your students thatContinue reading “National Brush Day”

National Black Cat Day

October 27th is National Black Cat Day! Halloween is slowly creeping up, and what better way to prepare for it than to recognize one of the most iconic symbols—the black cat. In the United States, black cats have always been associated with a menacing aura and bad fortune. Black cats were commonly portrayed as familiarsContinue reading “National Black Cat Day”

International Chef’s Day!

October 20th celebrates International Chef’s Day! International Chef’s Day celebrates the masters of culinary arts and promotes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This delectable day has a theme every year—2021’s theme is ‘Healthy Food for the Future’—and this year’s theme is mainly focused on sustainability and securing a healthy environment for the future generation.Continue reading “International Chef’s Day!”

National Health Education Week

National Health Education Week (NHEW) was created in 1995 and annually falls on the third week of October. NHEW promotes the importance of health education in a variety of areas: physical, mental, emotional, and social health. This week-long campaign endeavors to raise awareness of the vital impact health education has on our society. The mostContinue reading “National Health Education Week”

National Stop Bullying Day!

National Stop Bullying Day falls on the second Wednesday in October! It’s designed to help in the prevention of bullying in schools. Children, educators, and parents all need to be aware of every aspect of possible bullying when it comes to young children. Bullying comes in many shapes and forms, and it can cause long-lastingContinue reading “National Stop Bullying Day!”

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