National Self-Improvement Month

September is Self-Improvement Month—a great reminder that we could all use some level of improvement in our lives. These changes can range from dietary changes to a self-care day to an entire career change. Self-improvement pertains to so many aspects of our lives and has a great impact on our overall happiness.

The self-improvement industry is estimated to be worth nearly $11 billion in the United States alone. The products offered within this industry tend to consist of books and any merchandise that has the potential to improve personal, mental, or physical health.

Self-Improvement Month can be celebrated in a variety of ways: learning a new skill, reading self-help books, volunteering at a local organization, or pursuing a new career in uncharted territories.

The only essential factor is striving to recognize the areas in which need improvement and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Self-Improvement with DEPCO!

DEPCO offers a variety of curriculum titles that has the potential to expand and improve the future of any prospective students!

DEPCO develops and markets educational curriculum for K-12, and the post-secondary market. Product topics include Science, Business, Marketing, and IT; Careers and Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Industrial Automation and Pre-Engineering. The educational market has demanded these products and DEPCO responded by creating some of the most robust curriculum on the market.

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Prepare for a Bright Future with DEPCO!

In DEPCO’s Career and Community curriculum, students focus on activities relating to career, family, and community. To prepare students for entering the job market, they are asked to create resumes using software, and a mock interview is held and recorded with a camcorder for further review. The importance of family is covered by having the students create a family tree using software, and they use time management software to organize the needs and demands of a family. Students also explore concepts relating to the community. From day cares to senior citizen centers, communities nationwide provide resources for the working family. By taking on the role of a day care facilitator, the students use technical writing skills to create an exercise for children. Students then select an organization that provides support within communities; they research it and design a campaign to promote it.

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National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day is celebrated annually on September 15th! Accessibility couldn’t be more beneficial or useful right now in today’s chaotic world. In the midst of the squall, it’s reassuring to have the internet to act as a beacon of hope with all the available resources it provides to students and educators.

The internet offers a myriad of options for online learning that make this holiday incredibly easy to celebrate.

The internet became increasingly popular by the 1990s and CompuHigh was the very first online high school to be founded in 1994.

Since then, numerous online learning tools have become available to the public making distanced learning skyrocket in popularity.

Virtual classrooms are now stocked with countless resources to aid in the learning process while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Distance Learning with DEPCO!

DEPCO offers innovative, intuitive resources for easy online learning.

DEPCO Studio

DEPCO Studio is an all-encompassing, online education tool that delivers enriched media content and tests while also offering all of your lab management needs. Scheduling, test taking, record keeping, and messaging organizes classrooms and communication between students and instructors in a simple, systematic approach.

Deliver DEPCO, LLC’s curriculum including Science; Business, Marketing, and IT; Career Explorations; Family and Consumer Science; and Industrial Automation and Pre-Engineering, or customized content and new courses, via DEPCO Studio.

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Easy-to-use virtual robotics and STEM platform tailored to serve every student at every level!

CoderZ is a powerful, award-winning online platform through which students learn valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics, and physical computing. CoderZ is highly flexible and designed for use in the classroom or through a wide range of remote learning environments.

CoderZ League (former CRCC) is an exciting, engaging, and entertaining virtual robotics competition for students of all levels to participate and learn about STEM, robotics, and coding and to ignite their technology career paths.

Intelitek LearnMate®

The Intelitek Foundations of Manufacturing program is a program of 16 courses that are all virtual.

Starting with safety, quality control, intro to manufacturing and delving into areas like tools, soft skills, and introductions to specific disciplines these courses are all comprehensive training for students entering the manufacturing, mechatronics and industrial maintenance fields.

Intelitek CTE programs are always accompanied by software where students learn the concepts of configuring and programming manufacturing equipment. To enable this in a safe and scalable classroom environment all the learning systems include real-time simulations. In these simulations, the student sees live 3D graphic representation of the equipment they are learning about.

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Makerbot CloudPrint

MakerBot Cloud Print allows users to print and monitor projects from a browser straight to a MakerBot 3D Printer. Add the Print from CAD integration for your favorite CAD program and start a print in just two clicks.

Whether working in the same classroom or remotely, Cloud Print allows students to effectively work within teams both small and large.

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SOLIDWORKS Student Edition | Apps for Kids

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition now combines the power of the online 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with the SOLIDWOKRS Desktop portfolio. Access the latest online tools available on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform PLUS the full suite of SOLIDWORKS Desktop products.

SOLIDWORKS is generally used at a high school level or above. So for younger children, we decided to create SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids! SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is a collection of apps that makes many aspects of the engineering process accessible to kids as young as four. These tools will help educators deliver high-quality learning curriculum, and help them continue to inspire and engage kids in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and STEAM (adding Art into the mix) activities.

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DEPCO and Epilog Inspire the Muses!

Epilog Laser

Since 1988, Epilog Laser has worked hard to become the leader in the laser engraving, cutting, and marking industry. They are innovators. They are problem solvers. They are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems. 

Epilog’s dedication to building strong relationships with customers, distributors, vendors, and employees has been paramount in building and strengthening their business.

To their customers they offer a near endless stream of support – from their online technical library and virtual training suite to their top-notch technical support staff. It is their goal to keep their customers up and running. 

Epilog Introduces the All-New Fusion Edge

Epilog’s newest laser machine combines their top-of-the-line technology and their latest features in a compact desktop format.

The Fusion Edge laser series takes their highest-quality engraving technology and incorporates it into smaller-format systems which allow customers to get the latest technology in a transportable format. The Fusion Edge machines feature a touch-screen display panel, on-screen artwork positioning with our IRIS™ camera system, and job trace functionality for quick and easy artwork setup.

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DEPCO Helps Create Art with the Kansas City Art Institute

DEPCO recently visited the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) to install the Epilog Fusion Edge laser engraver for the David T. Beals III Studios for Art and Technology. The Beals Studio already housed two of Epilog’s laser engravers and the newest additions makes the total count to three within their fabrication laboratory.

KCAI offers 14 majors plus Foundation, a year-long immersive, artistic experience intended to prepare first-year students for the creative life, which brings in a vast variety of inspired souls with project ideas and clever uses. Projects have the potential to range from engraving hardboard and linoleum for printmaking to prototyping designs and packing for product testing! Students are only limited by their range of imagination!

The laboratory gives students the wonderful opportunity and environment to hone in on their creative sparks and turn them into physical representations. The lab is open to all current students and DEPCO is honored to be a part of the creative process!

KCAI provided some excellent photographs of artwork that was created by the use of Epilog lasers!

Nathan Neufeld, Rotate, laser cut acrylic and cast porcelain, ceramics ‘15
Michael Engel, Shogi Board, Laser cut birch plywood, product design ‘22
Kyra Correa, Lady of the Crows, laser cut and laser etched plywood and hardboard, illustration ‘24

#kcai #BealsStudios                                                                    

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International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day falls annually on September 8th! This holiday celebrates literacy across the globe and strives to raise awareness of the world’s literacy issues that millions of people face daily.

The holiday was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1965 to combat the struggle of illiteracy.

Although literacy rates have steadily increased over the last 50 years, there are still 773 million illiterate adults across the globe according to UNESCO. And most of these underprivileged areas consist of women.

Literacy isn’t simply about being able to read and write; It’s a vital component in education and has the potential to open millions of doors for people who desperately need it. Many people in underdeveloped countries lack the opportunity to achieve an education, but thanks to UNESCO and World Literacy Day countless more doors are being opened every single day.

Let’s empower individuals to pursue literacy and education! Click here to learn more about literacy with UNESCO.

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Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on September 1st! It’s a day to celebrate hard working individuals that are often overlooked because of their job titles.

While many would believe that these people are unworthy of praise, they do the tough job that not many would be willing to do. Building and code staff are responsible for checking buildings and determining if it’s secure enough according to code.

They don’t have any room for error because one mistake could endanger the lives of countless people. They must ensure that the building is safe for the public. Let’s show these incredible individuals some appreciation for their diligence!

A Glimpse of Building Code History

In 1625, the United States established the first building codes that addressed fire safety and specific materials for roof coverings.

In 1630, Boston determined chimneys constructed with wood and roofs made out of thatch to be unsafe and unsuitable.

By 1940, three regional code organizations in the U.S. were protecting building standards and each had their own unique code.

Build With DEPCO!

In DEPCO’s Building Construction curriculum, students follow the process of constructing a scale model of a storage shed, which includes framing the side walls, building a back wall and covering it with sheathing, framing and sheathing window walls, and completing the door wall. The students then put all of the walls together, set the roof trusses, soffits, fascias, and sheathe the roof. Students will also find plenty of highly useful construction information—such as the kinds, sizes, and grades of lumber available—as well as fascinating histories and facts about significant building structures.

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Frankenstein Day

August 30th is the unofficial holiday celebrating Mary Shelley’s wonderful work of literature, Frankenstein. The novel is highly regarded as a masterpiece and has truly captivated its audience since conception.

Mary Shelley was an English author, and her birthday falls on August 30, 1797, which is why today is a momentous occasion for many fans of her work. It’s been over 200 years since the creation of this novel; however, its text still inspires so many people especially in cinema and fiction.

Frankenstein Bursts into Existence

Penned into existence by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein follows the story of a young aspiring scientist named Victor Frankenstein who is enthralled by the secret of life. He’s consumed by his fascination which leads to many experiments with human parts. Victor eventually ends up creating “the monster” but is overwhelmingly distraught by the whole ordeal that he abandons his own creation. The story then continues to follow several narrators including Victor, his creation, and Captain Walton as they seek truth, happiness, and peace.

DEPCO Encourages Expanding Horizons

Reading is a vital component to learning and opens a whole new world of possibilities. Students, educators, and bibliophiles alike can gain entrance to an endless universe filled with valuable life lessons, heroic deeds of old, and insightful perspectives.

Frankenstein Day is the perfect time to read the novel or any other piece of literature that demands your attention!

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National Kiss and Make Up Day

August 25th is National Kiss and Make Up Day!

National Kiss and Make Up Day is the perfect day to mend those bridges and end any quarrels whether it’s between loved ones or work associates. The preservation of relationships is ideal compared to a more turbulent outcome, especially if the relationship is in a work environment. It’s much healthier to release those negative emotions rather than hold onto them. This national holiday gives everyone the chance to make amends and improve their overall mental health for a successful and flourishing future.

Kiss and Make Up for Mental Health

A good mental health also increases the chance for students and teachers to be more successful in their academic endeavors. Mental health should always be a priority in academic settings, especially when young minds are being molded and nurtured.

It’s critical in developing minds since every factor plays such a vital part in a child’s education and overall mental health. Their success is either enhanced or deterred by their school climate, homelife, and social and emotional health among other variables.

One in five children and adolescents face some form of mental health problem during their school years according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Many children that fall into this area do not receive the proper help they need to overcome and face these hardships. Provide the much needed mental and behavioral health services to your students.

Click here to learn more about mental health from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Ride the Wind with DEPCO!

National Ride The Wind Day honors the first human-powered flight that was awarded the Kremer prize on August 23, 1977. The MacCready Gossamer Condor was the first aircraft powered by humans that was able to be controlled and sustained during flight time. Today, let’s get inspired by the pure resourcefulness of humankind and commemorate this momentous occasion by “riding the wind” either figuratively or literally.

The Gossamer Condor was invented by Paul MacCready with the assistance of an expert biker, Bryan Allen, and his team. The pedal-powered flight lasted for nearly 8 minutes while logging 1.35 miles in the air from take off to landing. It required over 400 experimental flights to achieve one successful flight. The ingenuity of this achievement should inspire students to shoot for the stars!

Ride the Wind with DEPCO!

In DEPCO’s Rocketry and Space curriculum, students get the opportunity to explore and understand the intricate workings of rocketry and space. From the fascinating history of rockets to the basic principles of rocket flight, students receive a thorough introduction to the field of rocketry and space in this exciting curriculum. Students draw upon Newton’s laws of motion and make a paper rocket in order to obtain specific data to help project flight estimates and distances. As students learn more about rockets, including the role of center of mass, pressure in rocket stability, and the functions of different model rocket parts, they build an actual model rocket and are able to launch it under direct supervision by the instructor. Also included in the Rocketry and Space curriculum is RockSim, a computer simulation program through which students design, build, and launch a simulated rocket.

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It’s National Fajita Day!

National Fajita Day is August 18th!

Fajitas are one of the most iconic Tex-Mex creations and August 18th is the day to celebrate this inspired collision of flavors. What exactly are fajitas? Fajitas are strips of grilled meat and chopped vegetables usually consisting of bell peppers and onions that are served with corn or flour tortillas. The dish often comes with several small sides to stuff into your tortilla filled goodness.

Although the holiday is fairly young, the actual dish began appearing on the scene around the 1930s. Mexican ranch workers living in West Texas along the Rio Grande had to utilize the meats they were given and learned to make an edible and delectable dish with the scraps. Since then, fajitas have become a staple in many households and popular Tex-Mex restaurants.

The culinary arts is a field filled with culture-inspired fusions and miniscule details vital to the quality of the dishes prepared in restaurants all over the world. Students drawn to the art of excellent cuisine, preparation, and presentation should consider a career in the culinary arts.

Sharpen your skills with DEPCO!

In DEPCO’s Culinary Arts curriculum, Students learn how to weigh and measure food, how to properly prepare the food and then present the food in an interesting way. By using equipment and techniques similar to those used by actual culinary artists, students follow recipes to create simple foods that introduces them to this exciting field. Students also apply weighing and measuring skills, safety and sanitation guidelines, and creativity to the completion of recipes for quesadillas, cookies, soup, and even a basic oil and vinegar dressing.

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Welcome Back Students and Teachers!

Schools are starting back up and now is the perfect time to celebrate the resilience of both students and teachers all over the world. There’s no question that these last few school semesters have been daunting and taxing on everyone. Safety is our number one priority in the midst of all this chaos; however, the ebb and flow of circumstances continues to keep us all on edge.

We want to show our appreciation for the perseverance of all the students and teachers. Education is an essential part of our society and becoming more valuable every day in an evolving economy. In a time of hybrid courses and unknown variables, everyone attending, or teaching classes deserves a round of applause and a moment of recognition for their tenacity and flexibility.

We all hoped for a sense of normality in the new school year, but certain conditions regarding COVID-19 has shifted those longings into a more cautious mindset. Let’s prepare for a new, safe year for education and educators!

DEPCO wants to welcome the new school year with SARIN Energy!

One of the best ways to stay safe in a learning environment is to ensure that the areas are all properly sanitized for the safety of students and teachers. DEPCO offers one of the most innovative solutions for proper safety from harmful germs in the classrooms!

SARIN Energy provides high-grade LED lights for almost every industry. SARIN’s ISO 9001:2015 certified production facilities allow them to supply the Midwest and beyond with truly reliable products. They start with cutting-edge designs and the best materials on the market. Once a fixture exceeds their standards it is tested further by partners like DLC and Energy Star.

Sarin Energy Solutions started offering a wide variety of products that can deliver shortwave ultraviolet light called UVC, which has benefits for sterilization. UVC light penetrates the outer layers of cells and fuses their DNA or RNA, keeping them from reproducing. It takes only seconds of exposure to work.

Hospitals and water treatment plants have been using the technology to kill germs since the 1930s. UV lights have been found to have sanitizing effects with other coronaviruses, including SARS, and the National Academy of Sciences anticipates that the approach probably would work on this strain of the disease, too. 

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